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Sill Pan – Don’t Install a Door Without One!

Exterior doors are typically installed using either a barrier system or a drained system. Barrier installations do not provide forgiveness for water infiltration and should be limited to areas that are protected with an overhang or porch. At Shepley we recommend using a drained installation which is designed to manage small amounts of water infiltration by collecting and draining the water back out to the exterior. The key to the performance of a drained opening is the sill pan.

Jamsill Guard®is an adjustable sill pan flashing designed to prevent water damage from window or door leaks. It is made from high impact ABS plastics so it will not deteriorate or erode over time. The multi piece telescoping design allows on-site adjustability to fit all rough openings and features sloped weep areas to help evacuate moisture to the exterior of the structure. Shepley stocks 3/0 and 6/0 sill pans in 4-9/16 and 6-9/16.

Door manufacturers, like Therma-Tru®, include recommended best practices in their installation instructions to help eliminate water related leaks. When you follow their “tried and true” methods, including installation of water resistive barrier, flexible flashing and a sill pan, you’ll have a better chance of keeping water out of the home. Therma-Tru fiberglass doors are now available with an exclusive Tru-Defense system as an option. This complete door system integrates specific components engineered and tested to deliver outstanding protection in all kinds of weather conditions. The system is backed by a Warranty Rider that provides for cash reimbursement that can be used toward secondary damage to flooring and trim and the labor to make repairs IF water infiltration occurs. If the door uses the Therma-Tru Sill Pan, you will receive $500 should damage occur.

We always recommend you follow manufacturer installation instructions and comply with the local building code. Proper installation avoids call backs and leads to better product performance. If you are unclear on any installation techniques, please contact your Shepley sales rep. We’re here to help!