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Simpson WaterBarrier® Doors

What is WaterBarrier Technology?

  • One-piece of Medium Density Overlay (MDO) on outside for the very toughest exposures - commonly used on concrete forms and street signs.
  • Minimizes the possibility of stile and rail separation.
  • Eliminates checking on the face of the door.
  • Excellent durability and resists moisture absorption
  • Overlay has thermoset acrylic latex primer topcoat, resulting in superior paint application.
  • Exterior side of the door is to be painted. Interior side can be painted or stained.
  • Can use water or alkyd-based paints on finish.
  • Choose any species to match interior architecture.
  • Available for virtually any Simpson door. To see if your door can accept WaterBarrier technology, visit Find a Door.
  • Five year limited warranty, no overhang required.
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WaterBarrier Technology

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Interior/Exterior WaterBarrier Doors

What is UltraBlock Technology?

    • Maximum protection against extreme weather conditions
    • Composite block material finger-jointed into the bottom of the stiles eliminates water infiltration
    • Minimizes stile and rail separation
    • Eliminates bottom rail and lower stile rot
    • Reduces buckling and swelling of bottom rail and lower stile components
    • Improves warp resistance
    • Beautiful genuine wood
    • To see if your door can accept UltraBlock technology, visit Find a Door.
    • Five year limited warranty
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Available in all Exterior Doors

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UltraBlock Technology