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Step by Step

Step up your trim game with a modern square 1” x 1” back band now stocked at Shepley Wood Products. This back band is a great way to enhance the look of your typical casing by adding a 1⁄4“ step up and another visual line to your trim detail. Designed to work with 3/4” thick casing when the back band is applied it creates a 1” thick edge and a 1⁄4” reveal where 1x baseboard buts into it. This 1⁄4” reveal is a great way to hide any inconsistencies and future settling movement that a flush casing to baseboard condition typically creates. The back band is fabricated from solid poplar, primed, and sold in random lengths to help get your desired lengths with minimal waste.

Another great use for the back band is for corner terminations. Whether you prefer to not miter a ship lap corner or have an unfinished end on a corner detail, the back band can be used and still keeps a crisp 90 degree corner as opposed to the typical Brosco corner which has a radius in the edges. Come visit Shepley Wood Products Trim Team to check out this new back band product.