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Take-off’s and Quotes at Shepley

This section is typically reserved for a featured product, but this month we think it’s important to share why we feel take-off’s and quotes are such important services offered at Shepley.

Take-off’s typically start with a customer dropping off or emailing a building plan. We always appreciate receiving them as a PDF, but are happy to scan it for you. (Shepley also offers plan copying at very competitive pricing).

After receiving the plan we direct it to the appropriate department, including one of the following: framing; engineering (I-Joists, LVL’s, trusses, etc); windows; exterior millwork (columns, exterior doors, cupolas and shutters); interior finish (casings, baseboards, doors, door hardware, stairs, closets, finished floors, wainscoting, chair rails, ceilings, coffers, etc); and hardware.

Framing take-off’s are done by the Shepley Estimating Department. Liz Kovach, Estimating Manager, and Stefan Richman, Estimating Specialist, use customized software programs to quickly provide accurate quoting. Depending on the quality of the plan provided, the Estimating Department will provide a “parts list” that can be used to complete the project.

Joe Madera is Shepley’s Engineered Wood Products Manager. He works closely with Bill Campbell, Shepley’s Structural Steel Specialist. Together they complete take-off’s for the structural portion of a plan, and are able to do layouts where necessary.

Estimating and Engineering work closely with the job engineer to ensure accurate plans and correct products are specified, After all estimates are done, the plans come full-circle back to the sales team where they started. The team then compiles the take-off’s from all of the specialists and presents a comprehensive quote to the customer.

We encourage you to take a tour of our Shepley facility and meet our Estimating and Engineering Departments. Talk with your sales team to set up an appointment!

We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you in 2016!

Ron Winner has been on the road selling for Shepley for over 21 years. He covers the Chatham, Yarmouth and Barnstable territories. Ron’s inside team members are:

Mat Hersey, Josh Jalbert, and Andrew Tyner.

You can reach Ron and his team at 508-862-6240