ThruLoks | Shepley Wood Products

I would like to take a moment to introduce a new product for decking installation, that we are stocking here at Shepley, that will save you some time. It is the ThruLok screw bolt fastening system by FastenMaster—a system used to install your railing posts to the deck framing without the use of conventional carriage bolts. Unlike carriage bolts, ThruLoks need no predrilling or any tools other than a drill. To install, you’ll use an impact driver or high torque 1⁄2” variable speed drill

(18V if cordless) and drive the ThruLok until the pre-installed washer and hex head are almost flush against the wood surface. On the opposite side, just thread the ThruLok nut onto the exposed point of the fastener and firmly hand tighten against wood surface. You finish the installation by driving the ThruLok screw until the washer and nut are snug, and you’re done.

Shepley stocks ThruLoks in two sizes:

6-1/4” and 8”, which cover the more common applications. There is also a 7” option that is available with a short lead time. This system requires three ThruLok’s installed on each post using certain patterns depending on your application to meet code requirements. ThruLok’s have a galvanized coating and carry a lifetime performance guarantee if used according to FastenMaster’s installation instructions.

Please stop by and see me at the front counter if you have any questions regarding the ThruLok system. I can also give you a sample of the ThruLok screw to try for yourself. Once you see the ease of installation and time you will save installing posts, I believe you will be impressed and want to use this product on all of your future deck projects.