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Timely Steel Interior Door Frames

It’s TIME to use a commercial steel interior door frame that you can case out with wood. Timely steel door frames are your solution.

Timely jamb are constructed of 18 Gauge steel and are installed to the drywall by fastening the jamb flange to the substrate through the perforated holes in the jamb. Brosco has in stock primed or white jambs with jamb depth adjustability in two sizes. 3-3/4” to 5-9/16” and 5-11/16 to 7-3/8”. This adjustability helps with varying wall depths that can occur during your project. The frames can accommodate wall depths up to 9-1/8 using three different closure pieces.

The Jambs will have hinge cutouts with reinforcing plates to accommodate the hinges that are required and will also have strike prep cutout.

My favorite benefit of using the timely jamb is you can case out the door just like you would do for a wood jamb. This is a huge benefit to keep trim details throughout your project matching. For example, you can trim out the doors to match the window casing details. The Timely jamb flange has pre punched fastener holes to fasten the wood casings. As an alternative to wood casings, Timley also offers six different metal casing profiles, which can be fastened to the jambs using special mounting clips.

Please contact your Shepley interior trim team to get us involved with your projects early to discuss specifications, lead time on materials, rough openings and project planning.