TruStile | Shepley Wood Products

As a product specialist for Shepley I have the opportunity to visit, and be part of the construction of some of the nicest projects on Cape Cod and the South Shore. These structures are not just homes, they are your customer’s dream! So when your customer wants to make a statement with their dream home, TruStile® door is here to answer that call.

TruStile Door is an architectural door shop out of Denver Colorado which is dedicated to bringing the design and architectural value of yesteryear, to your project today. Using true rail and stile construction their design lines are vast with almost any panel layout you can think of. If there isn’t a style that fits your project perfectly, TruStile is completely customizable and also offers a wide variety of glass options to fit your need.

Don’t want to deal with the maintenance that comes with a traditional wood door? Like joint separation, panel shrinkage, warping... No problem! TruStile offers their entire line in MDF (Medium-density fiberboard). Their MDF line allows for a smooth paintable surface, helps reduce sound transmission between rooms, and is more stable than wood providing superior functionality in our turbulent northeast climate.

So when your customer wants to make a statement with their interior doors, TruStile is the door to accomplish that! Their entire line can be seen at, or you can visit the Shepley Showcase to see one of these doors in person.

Frank Saluti works in Interior Millwork Sales and has worked for Shepley for 14 years. His inside sales rep is Casey Nadeau.

You can reach Frank or Casey at