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TruStile Custom Projects

Don Rhodes

At TruStile, they believe that every opening is an opportunity to enhance your home’s design. Their commitment is to provide today’s architects, designers, custom home builders, and homeowners with interior doors that support the needs of today’s custom projects. They make the process simple and easy.

1. Choose the Materials Best Suited for Your Project’s Needs

Start with the right material for each opening. TruStile’s MDF is preferred for painting applications. Stain-grade adds a sophisticated, natural look. Use them both to bring your design together.

2. Choose Your Door Style

From Traditional to Modern, Contemporary Craftsman, TruStile has a design for every architectural style. Start with one or two base door styles and configure the details to complement each space. TruStile has over 500 standard door layouts to choose from.

3. Pick Your Details

Integrate the interior doors into the overall design of the home by selecting the right profile combinations, material inserts, and glass types to complement your architectural style. Panel and sticking profiles use small details to make a big impact. More than 60 profile combinations can add extra style to your door choices. Brighten spaces and add depth to rooms by incorporating architectural glass and built-in mirrors. Adding decorative glass or resin is a unique way to dress up stacked rail and panel doors. Full-length mirrors add function and dimension to bathrooms and closets.

4. Design Options

Like furnishings and decor, doors should complement your home’s architecture. TruStile has the flexibility to tailor your doors to work in
a variety of applications.

Pocket Doors: A popular space-saving way to incorporate doors into a floor plan when there is no room for an inswing or outswing.

Common Arch Pairs: Rather than placing two matching doors side by side, common arch pairs carry details across both doors creating a designed-in look.

Sliding Doors: Every TruStile door can be made
to slide into your design package. From the traditional rustic style to the ultra-modern and sleek look, sliding door options can complete a design.

5. Make Your Design Package Shine

When every opening is designed to fit your exact specifications, we call it a TruStile Design Package. Take advantage of TruStile’s flexibility and endless options to create your Design Package today.