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Upgrading Your Aging Andersen Windows

Andersen Window and Door Products are backed by an excellent support system for maintaining and upgrading the older double hungs, casements, awnings, and doors. When evaluating your clients property consider having them upgrade their old Narrowline and Tiltwash windows. Narrowline double hung units can have the balance boxes replaced restoring the spring aided lift mechanism, or Sashes and balances can be replaced using the Conversion Kit which supplies new sash and tilt balances upgrading the Narrowline into a tilt window. New screens and grilles are easily available making that old window serviceable again for years.

Casements and awnings often become difficult to operate as the roto operators start to wear out. Typically, as the operator gets replaced you can change the hinges at the same time, once again extending the life of that original product. At Shepley we stock many replacement parts and we are also set up with an excellent distribution system with Andersen to get the uncommon or older parts. One of Andersen’s strong points has always been the availability of replacement parts and the service network to help with these items.

Andersen also has a system for upgrading old wood windows with either Tiltwash or Woodwright insert windows. Especially on large wood double hung units this allows you the opportunity to completely upgrade the window while leaving the existing frame and interior-exterior casings intact.

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