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Upstate Door

Upstate Door has introduced their own line of bi-folding and lift and slide exterior doors. Utilizing high grade Centor E-Series hardware for hinging and operating hardware ensures long lasting and efficient operation. The Upstate advantage over other manufacturers offering these opening styles is increased panel configurations, infinite panel style selections, and choice of wood species for the door panels and the jambs.

The opportunity to offer up to 53’ in clear opening creates the high end architectural feature that is becoming very desirable. Coupled with upgraded performance of these products by Upstate Door allows you to design and offer a very high end product for a reasonable price.

Upstate Door will also pre-finish any exterior door and will warranty that finish. All exterior wood doors require immediate painting and in our environment that is not always possible, so consider that option the next time you invest in one of their fine door products.

Although these types of doors will not perform in our most harsh exposures, they can certainly be considered in sheltered exposures. All wood door manufacturers today require an overhang over their doors, equal to half of the height of the door, to protect the door to qualify for any warranty.

We welcome Upstate Door as a partner for their ability to offer a high end wood entry door system to match your requirements and design needs. Accurate shop drawings, design flexibility, and a high degree of attention to detail, with reasonable pricing, sets Upstate Door apart from the commodity door offerings for entry doors, interior doors, and storm door products.

Clay Gilmore began his career with Shepley in 1989 as the Millwork Buyer. Clay now heads up the sales territory of Orleans, Harwich, Brewster and Dennis.

His inside team consists of Katrina Finton and Bill Gresh. You can reach Clay, Katrina and Bill at 508-862-6222.