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Velux Active Indoor Climate Control

With changing codes and a push for higher energy efficiency in today’s homes, ventilation and indoor climate control are more important than ever. Roof skylights are a great way to help manage air flow within the home, and Velux is at the leading edge with their new Velux Active system. This new, innovative system allows homeowners to manage the air quality right from their mobile device.

Velux Active with NETATMO is an easy way to a healthier indoor climate. Smart sensors continuously monitor the temperature, C02 levels, and humidity in your home, and can open or close your skylights and blinds depending on the readings.

Features include:

  • Sensor-based ventilation- with smart sensors monitoring levels in your home
  • Full control of your Velux products- use the Velux Active mobile app to operate all of your solar powered Velux products
  • Easy installation- Velux Active indoor climate control can be installed without professional help

Don’t forget! Current law provides a 30% tax credit on both the purchase and installation of qualifying products, such as solar powered skylights and blinds, through December 31, 2034. Please speak with your Shepley sales representative for more information regarding the Velux Active Kit, Solar Energy Tax Credits or anything else about the Velux product line.