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Henry Ford famously said, “ If you think you can….or if you think you can’t, you’re right”

No ending starts without a beginning, and the spirit of beginning is the fuel that happy endings are powered by. There are over 1,600 nonprofits on the Cape and Islands and the choice of whom to support can be bewildering. In 2001, the organization WE CAN was founded to give women the resources needed to handle life challenges. From career counseling to legal advice, to support through crisis, to financial empowerment, WE CAN provides a toolbox of assistance for women. I’d like to share a WE CAN success story because I would far rather give you a WE CAN than a WE CAN’T.

The mission of WE CAN is to provide support and unique services to women of all ages and backgrounds who are going through difficult life transitions. By doing so, we aim to empower them and bring about positive change for themselves, their families, and the community. Our goal is to increase opportunities, promote self-sufficiency, and foster stability for those in need.

Here is a success story from a WE CAN client in her own words.

“Pursuing services at WE CAN was life changing for me. I was in a volatile, verbally abusive marriage that was becoming increasingly so. Since we lived in the house that my husband had inherited, I knew that I was going to have to be the one to leave if I wanted a healthy environment for myself and my two children. I had tried leaving a couple of times during the early years but was heavily into the world of having two young children and would quickly be talked into coming back home.

When I finally made an appointment to meet with an attorney at WE CAN, I felt a clarity I had been missing, which was able to lay the ground work for what I refer to as my “escape”.

After that 30 minute meeting, I felt empowered for the first time. I had taken that first step, thanks to WE CAN.

I knew that financial independence was necessary for the changes I needed to make for myself and my children. So, after being home with my kids for almost 10 years, all the while being told that I was worthless and un-hirable, I revised my resume and soon got a job at a company I love, with people who are amazing. I was now independent and valued and soon I contacted the attorney I had first met through WE CAN . She agreed to work as my “real attorney” to move forward with ending my marriage and creating a healthy, stable life for my children and so importantly, myself. The mission of WE CAN is literally what occurred in my own life-I was given increased opportunity, self-sufficiency, stability, and lasting positive change for myself, my family, and ultimately my entire community.”

The organization has assisted thousands of women on their personal journeys, and this is just one example.

WE CAN has been successful in their growth over the past 20 years and currently has opened a second office in Hyannis at 127 Airport Rd in a brand-new facility. Perhaps someone you know might benefit from what WE CAN offers, or perhaps you have something you may offer them.

Since 2001, WE CAN has supported and empowered women going through life transitions and challenges. Those who join the WE CAN community are met with a supportive and empowering atmosphere, where personalized services are provided to meet their individual needs in a safe and respectful environment.

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