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What The Shepley-Andersen Team Can Do For You!

One of the greatest selling points of Andersen® windows, and an important reason that so many builders use their products, is the ability to get parts and pieces years, and even decades, after the window or door is installed.

The fastest and most efficient way to get parts information and quotes is to determine year, glass size and swing (if applicable) of the Andersen unit. To do this first find the product’s manufacturing date located next to the Andersen logo etched on the interior bottom right-hand corner of the unit.

Next, measure the visible glass size (width and height) from interior. Then, if needed, determine swing of door or casement window from exterior.

At this point your Shepley Andersen Team can determine the part number, cost and lead time. More recent parts are usually available within a week where older vintage parts may take 4 weeks. You are also able to tap into over 20,000 items spanning 80 years worth of Andersen products by visiting their online parts catalog at http://www.andersenwindows.com. Along with a description of the parts and pieces, Andersen’s site also provides detailed instructions on how to install them along with video demonstrations of installations, warranty information and care and maintenance guides.

Over the years, Andersen Windows has been determined to improve the performance and energy efficiency of all their doors and windows. So, if new windows or doors are in your customer’s plan and budget their home will greatly benefit from the innovations achieved over this time. If a full replacement or remodel isn’t in their plan and your customer just needs an older Andersen unit repaired then please utilize the resources that the Shepley Andersen Team can provide. Thank you.

Joe Murphy manages the Shepley Showcase, our dedicated Window and Door Showroom. Direct: 508-862-6228 jmurphy@shepleywood.com