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Why Choose The VSS Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylight?

Question: Why choose the VELUX VSS Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylight versus Fixed-FS, Manual Venting-VS or Electric – VSE?

First of all, fixed skylight use is limited to just letting natural light in. Whereas, manual venting skylights allow natural light in, along with fresh air, but require that pesky pole crank that seems to get put away somewhere—never to return! Often times, we find it’s been years since the customer manually opened their skylights. Electric skylights solve some of the challenges of the manual units, but you have to pay an electrician to wire it, and if your power goes out you can’t operate the unit.

The logical answer? The VELUX Solar Powered Fresh Air Skylights! Some of the reasons are:

  1. They have a new No Leak guarantee.
  2. They are eligible for a 30 percent solar tax credit from the Federal government.
  3. They have a rain sensor and will close every time it rains – even if the power goes out during a storm.
  4. They have a new touch screen remote control that is easy to operate.

These VELUX Solar Powered Skylights are state-of-the-art technology. They also feature solar powered blinds, which come in a variety of color choices and have options including: total light blocking for bedroom uses or, light filtering for all the other areas in the house. You can also order them factory installed for no additional charge. That means for free, and everyone likes the word “free”!

Here are a couple of tips for the installer to remember:

  1. When opening the box, read the quick start up guide first, it will help with the easy installation and programming of the remotes.
  2. Its easier to program the skylight when its on the ground instead of after installation.
  3. Take out the insect screen so you don’t damage it.
  4. Put the power switch “on”. If you have a solar blind, plug in the battery and hold the blind switch “on” for 10 seconds to start the synchronization process.
  5. Put the batteries in the remote and press the “power” button and scroll over to English (US).
  6. Press the scroll button to find and register the product.

The remote will automatically synchronize the skylight and the blinds together, and then you are ready to operate! Remember, before installing the unit and bug screen, peel off all stickers and clean the glass while the unit is on the ground—make it easy on yourself!

If you have questions or need help with your VELUX installation, give us a call! Thank you for your business!