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What Is Zuri Decking?

What Is Zuri Decking?

TrivanceTM – A new & unique Technology that combines Cellular PVC, Photorealistic Print, and Premium Acrylic to create a deck board like no other.
A few key points:
  • No resealing, staining or painting required
  • Scratch resistant
  • Fade resistant
  • Moisture resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • Slip Resistant

Shepley is pleased to offer this premium decking product to our customers. As is common with most high-end materials, there are specific guidelines required in handling the product. We will ship the manufacturers Installation Guidelines with every Zuri deck purchase and strongly recommend you follow the suggestions.

Included in these Guidelines are storage and handling recommendations. Although Zuri has been developed with TrivanceTM Technology and has durable, low maintenance features, special care is requested when handling these boards to minimize scuffs, nicks and to preserve the beauty of the finish. Think of this product as a prefinished wood in perspective to handling.

Zuri arrives properly packaged from the manufacturer and should be stored and transported in this packaging until installation. The packaging also includes the arranging of the grain patterns to ensure pattern variation during the install, so the installer should work from one unit at a time and remove boards as illustrated in the Installation Guidelines.

Zuri has been created to have a finish comparable to that of interior hardwood flooring, therefore, special attention is required when cutting and working with this product. You should work with Zuri the way you would any pre-finished material.

Suggested framing, fastening and installation progression instructions are also detailed in the Installation Guidelines. Zuri Decking has similar behavior to wood and composite decking; therefore, similar installation techniques should be used. In order to avoid improper installation, additional techniques, recommendations and guidelines are provided by Royal Building Products. Following the instructions, while using the same good building principals used in wood and composite decking installation, will result in a correct Zuri Decking installation!

Based on feedback from our contractors that have worked with Zuri, Shepley has added the following adhesives and accessories to our inventory:
  • PVC cement—used to bond miter corners, never glue butt joints.
  • FastCap – also used on the miter joint as a clamp while the Oatey cement dries. (The FastCap is also a great product for installing mouldings)
  • Edge Band
  • End Sealer
  • Fasteners (Camo Screws and Camo Gun are recommended)