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Interior Millwork

Moulding and millwork can transform the look of your remodel or new construction project and we have a wide selection of offerings to get the job done.

Interior Millwork & Mouldings

The basic function of mouldings is to conceal a gap between finished surfaces. However, they can do so much more because, beyond their basic function, mouldings are an integral part of the design of a home. Through casings and pediments, mouldings enhance the beauty of doors and windows. They bring drama and perspective to a living area with wainscotting and coffered ceilings. Baseboards and crowns tie flooring and walls together. Mouldings are found virtually everywhere in a home and are a very critical part of the building process!

When you build a home, the decisions can be overwhelming and this rings especially true when it comes to choosing your interior doors, moulding, stair ways, mantels, and flooring. Our experienced team of Interior Trim Specialists are here to help you with your decisions.

Our Shepley Interior Trim Specialists sell only interior trim components and nothing else. They will be your guiding hand in making the right decisions. Shepley offers custom milling, and stock selections, for all your interior trim needs. Moulding and millwork can transform the look of your remodel or new construction project. Whether you are looking for a classic Cape Cod look or comtemporary style, we have a wide selection of products to get the job done.

If we don't have what you need from our manufacturers, we'll make it right here in our Custom Shop. With our talented craftsmen and state-of-the-art equipment, we can create custom mouldings in shapes, sizes, and wood species of your choice as well as match historic profiles. If you can envision it, we can make it!

Our process is unique in that the Interior Trim Specialist will go to your house and perform a walk-through take-off and review what options you have in choosing the products. Once the decision making has been finalized, we go into action mode. We order all of the components for your interior trim (doors, moulding, stair parts, flooring, mantels…EVERYTHING!). We then hand-select the mouldings for your windows and doors, cut it to length and bundle and label it per opening.

When your carpenter is ready to take delivery (and all he has to do is tell us when he wants it; we commit to meeting our customer’s need dates!) he will receive a neat, organized and clearly labelled complete delivery of your interior trim. What is ideal about our system is that we take responsibility for the accuracy and waste so that your carpenter doesn’t have to. This means no surprises….no overages or shortages, and a project that is kept on or under budget! Try Shepley for your Interior Trim today and see why we are the distinct leaders for Interior Trim!

Shepley stocks a very large variety of moulding profiles in an array of different materials. Our clear pine mouldings are made from 100% ponderosa pine, which is the most beautiful and stable pine available. Primed and fingerjointed mouldings are Pearltrim brand, which is a gypsum coated moulding with an egg-shell like finish that is superior to any standard primed fingerjointed moulding. Both the clear pine and Pearltrim mouldings we carry are of superior quality, and will be defect-free, reducing job-site waste. We also stock several clear poplar and PVC mouldings, too! Your options with moulding are limited to your own creativity. Please come into Shepley and see all of the creative options you can choose from to enhance the beauty and character of your home, today!

Did you know that Shepley can supply any profile of moulding that you want? Do you need an 8’ piece of walnut casing to match the 150 year old casing in your antique home? No problem! How about the curved gutter moulding over your eyebrow window? Let us do it! We have state-of-the-art equipment that is operated by state-of-the-art craftsmen who are able to take a sketch, sample or idea of the moulding you need and mill an EXACT replica of your moulding!

Ready for more excitement? Listen to this…our shop is capable of forming curved laminates of solid wood and then milling it to the profile that you need! This is truly a specialty that is uniquely-Shepley. And here’s the best part…..our quality, pricing and leadtime are the best in the industry. Our specialty is custom mouldings in shapes, sizes and wood species of your choice. Please come see what we can do for you!

Your staircase is a work of art and typically the centerpiece of a home. It is a complex assembly of functional millwork that can bring beauty, character, warmth, elegance and individuality to your home. Shepley offers products in a variety of hardwoods such as oak, cherry, mahogany, maple and poplar in traditional, colonial, Victorian, and contemporary designs, as well as the finest prebuilt curved and spiral staircases. Your staircase will be a part of your life, and probably your largest "built-in" in your home.

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