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October is Fire Safety Month

Is your workplace or home fireproof? The NFPA celebrates National Fire Safety Month in October, emphasizing fire prevention. Fires pose a life safety risk and can harm business operations. This campaign highlights the importance of fire safety at work and home. Discussing emergency plans, practicing evacuation routes, and conducting fire drills are crucial steps. Establishing a family emergency plan, discussing escape routes, and designating meeting places outside the home are vital.

Here are some key components to ensuring your workplace and home are fireproof:

Keep things tidy to prevent fire spread and ensure access to emergency equipment.

Maintain and inspect extinguishers, provide training on proper use.

Read labels, store chemicals safely, ensure proper ventilation in storage areas.

Limit accumulation of flammable materials to prevent fire risk.

Post emergency exit diagrams, ensure well-lit and clutter-free exit routes.

Provide access to a list of emergency phone numbers and important information.

Workplace fires caused 88 fatalities in 2016, emphasizing the need for attention from management and employees.

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