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BROSCO Stock Moulding Chart

The decisions homeowners have to make during the process of building a new home can be overwhelming, even to a seasoned vet. My personal focus happens to be on the interior millwork portion of the building process, which is only one spoke on the wheel, luckily for me. Within the interior millwork phase of the building process alone there are unlimited options homeowners need to make decisions on. Over my 18+ years at Shepley I have certainly noticed the homes that are built more or less on schedule and to budget are the ones that have most, if not all, of the decisions made prior to the homes foundation being in. Even interior paint colors, hardware finish, appliances, everything all spelled out and confirmed within that ever important contract set of plans & specs. This is a lot of frontloading in the design & permitting stage of building a home. Of course there are always change orders and/or confirmations to be made along the way but the bulk of the decisions are typically made prior to any physical work being done on the jobsite.

The average homeowner building a new home relies heavily on their builder to guide them along the way on all phases of the building process. When I meet with homeowners and their builder in the Shepley Showcase to pick out interior millwork items, the majority of the questions I ask the homeowner, they look straight to the builder for guidance. Which honestly is the way it should be, my role is really only presenting options for the homeowners and builder to decide on together. Mouldings are one of those interior millwork items we need to make decisions on. Window and door casing, baseboards, crowns, wainscoting, wall paneling, ceiling details, etc., all fall within this category. With mouldings there are basically two categories once everything is boiled down, custom made or what I like to call “off the shelf” and/or “stock” profiles.

Custom mouldings are typically the easier of the two categories simply because an architect or designer has drawn out the details on a set of plans. For example on an architectural driven home the architect draws a casing and/or crown profile for us and Shepley’s Shop produces the moulding to the architects specification. But where do we go if the project is not driven by an architect? How do we know what to use for casings, crowns, baseboards, etc.? Brosco has been publishing their Book of Designs since 1914. Within their book of designs is the Brosco Stock Patterns of Mouldings chart.

Brosco Chart

Brosco Stock Moulding Chart

View, download, or print the Brosco Stock Moulding Chart to reference for your interior millwork projects.

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This chart has over 200 moulding profiles that has been fine-tuned over the years to be the top 90% I would say of our standard moulding profiles for interior trim, all in stock locally either at Shepley or within a couple days lead-time from Brosco. Rather refreshing considering the delays we have all seen the last few years to be able to pick a “stock” profile and have it on hand or onsite within a week if need be. More importantly the Brosco stock moulding chart gives us the tools we need to make interior moulding selections so we can check off this phase of the job too. Over the years I have come to know most of the chart by heart, but I still find myself constantly pulling it up to refer to, especially with remodel jobs. I have it saved on my desktop and we have a full size chart hung on display in the Shepley interior trim department. Sometimes the chart alone is not enough to fully visualize how the specific moulding will look. In those cases I certainly recommend a visit to the Shepley Showcase to take a look, we also have plenty of samples, but as a solid starting point and to confirm details the Brosco stock moulding chart is hard to beat! You can download and save a copy of the chart on your computer, click here.

As always, if you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me or your trusted Shepley representative.

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Mouldings provide for both function and personal style in design. BROSCO offers mouldings manufactured from a variety of materials, from low maintenance PVC to high-end hardwood mouldings suitable for staining along with commodity Primed and Pine mouldings.

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