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Take Your Stairs to the Next Level

Looking Outside the Box

For years now the traditional stairway has been a staple item of almost every house in our area. Box or turned posts with square or turned balusters certainly have their place in the arena but there are many other options and styles available these days. Now all of these parts are great and will stand the test of time both structurally and aesthetically with any design scheme, but where do we turn when we’re looking for something outside the box? To answer these questions Shepley partnered with Oak Pointe Stair Parts, based in Newcomerstown, Ohio, many years ago. Oak Pointe prides themselves on making nearly all of their products here in the United States. I’ve had the privilege of working with Oak Pointe on many projects and they have yet to disappoint.

Make It Custom

Much like our own Shepley Shops, if you can imagine something totally of out the norm, Oak Pointe will produce it. In addition to offering a wide variety of “stock” items, much like the other stair parts suppliers, Oak Pointe takes the stair game to the next level with complete customization on almost any stair component. With their custom capabilities, a staircase can quickly go from a practical part of a home to a focal point complementing any décor style. We recently partnered with Kendall and Welch Construction on a project in Osterville featuring an Oak Point Volute and Box post. They took this staircase to the next level with customization of a classic style, shown in the photos below.

Butcher Stair 3
Butcher Stair 2

If the traditional balustrade is not the right fit for your project and you’re looking for a more modern look, Oak Pointe offers a large variety of metal components too. A hollow metal square panel system or a hollow metal tubular system creates a sleek and modern design, as shown in the photos below from a recent project by Whalebone Builders in Barnstable Village.

Oak Pointe Linear Metal Panels 1

Oak Pointe hollow metal square panel system

Oak Pointe Tubular

Oak Pointe hollow metal tubular system

Meeting Code

Another thing we see more often these days is the need for an unimpeded rail to meet code. This often arises when the design is calling for a more contemporary box post. Oak Pointe has come out with a line of “over the post” caps to fit on almost any box newel that can be fabricated to accommodate most handrail profiles.

So whether it be a traditional stairway or something completely out of the norm, Shepley and Oak Pointe can supply you with all of your stair needs. For more information on Oak Pointe products, you can visit their website at www.stairpartsandmore.com or reach out to your Shepley sales team.

Our team of experienced sales professionals are a resource to you and here to help every step of the way so your projects run smoothly. Let's take your project to the next level!

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About Oak Pointe

Since its inception Oak Pointe has become a leader in “Made in the U.S.A.” millwork. You will find extraordinary wood component designs in the company’s catalog, but if you do not see what you want, Oak Pointe can manufacture product to your specifications. As a result you can have a stairway that sets the design tone for your entire home.

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