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Engineered Wood & Steel

Add strength and stability to your building projects with our comprehensive selection of engineered wood and structural steel products.

Engineered Wood & Steel

Today's residential and commercial building trends calling for large, open spaces and high ceilings are also creating a demand for products that provide greater strength and stability over longer spans. Engineered wood and structural steel products are growing in popularity for framing and roofing systems due to their strength and reliability. Engineered wood products eliminate waste associated with unusable lumber by taking out the inconsistencies found in traditional solid wood products. When installed, they use 50% less wood than ordinary lumber. Shepley carry’s the Boise® line of engineered wood products, along with structural steel products.

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Boise's engineered wood products are stronger, more reliable, and when installed, use 50% less wood than ordinary lumber. Using Boise's engineered wood products is a more efficient use of valuable natural resources. Today Boise owns and operates the two largest laminated veneer lumber (LVL) and I-joist manufacturing plants in the world: in Alexandria, Louisiana and White City, Oregon.

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Shepley Wood products is excited to announce the recent addition of Louisiana Pacific’s Solid Start LSL 1-1/2” X 11-7/8” stair stringer stock to our line of Engineered Wood Products. LSL engineered stair stringers offer many benefits over...

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Here on Cape Cod, we combat the effects of moisture every day. In the engineered wood world, protection comes from the sealer that manufacturers use to coat their products. Our Boise LVL has a heavy duty paraffin based coating, designed to...