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Lessons from a Small Town

We had the pleasure of spending this Christmas in a small town in Maine. We have been going there for years and are always reminded that Maine really is the perfect place to celebrate a holiday.

Rope Swing Cartoon drawing

The Rope Swing

Our industry challenge is simply one of moving targets. Sometimes the person putting the plan together doesn’t have all the information or perhaps they simply misinterpret the information.

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The Supply Chain is Only as Strong as the Weakest Link

As tempting as it is to blame one factor, this is a combination of many factors and any one item can influence the rest of the chain. To wit: one missing microprocessor can hold up an entire new vehicle for months and months.

“Patience, persistence, and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.”

Napoleon Hill
Azek bevel siding 2

Flavor du Jour

Azek Bevel Siding - The paint holding prowess and enduring beauty of PVC, the appearance of wood in a traditional 1/2x6 profile, and a 70% reduction in the typical expansion and contraction of standard PVC.


COVID Take-aways

The past year has changed so many perceptions and pushed so many of us out of our comfort zones. It would be a terrible shame not to make the best out of what we have learned and remember that “Attitude is Everything”.

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The Trailing Tail (and Tale) of COVID-19

In the same way that many parts of the effects of COVID-19 have hit us without a recognizable pattern, there also is no clean break, no solid uniform retreat as some symptoms recede but others linger.