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February – National Grid Update

22nd January 2016

by Tony Shepley, National Grid, the Cape’s only natural gas supplier, has started to communicate its plans to address the Mid Cape gas supply line which has suffered a number of age related issues leading to a moratorium on new gas service hook ups from the Mid Cape to the Lower Cape. The aging infrastructure Read More

January – Happy Birthday HBRACC

23rd December 2015

by Tony Shepley, What is older than NASA and was born the year before 1951’s African Queen was filmed, starring Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn? 1950 was an important year for a lot of things including the invasion of South Korea by North Korea, pulling our country into a 3 year campaign in Asia, with Read More

December – Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

23rd November 2015

by Tony Shepley, Folding pen knives have been around since the 15th century and served many purposes including sharpening a lot of quill pens in the years leading up to the 1800’s. Blades became longer and jack knives became popular throughout the world to the point in the 1880’s when soldiers in the Swiss Army Read More

November – Remember The Good Old Days

20th October 2015

By Tony Shepley Remember the old days, when someone admired your work, made the effort to learn about your business, and sat down and negotiated a contract with you? Remember when a customer would wait until you were available? In light of today’s economy and today’s “it’s all about the bottom line” outlook, those memories Read More

October- Parallel Processing

21st September 2015

By Tony Shepley Parallel Processing is a computer term that describes the way in which a computer can perform multiple processing  functions or multiple storage functions at the same time. Computers use this to either increase their processing speed or create back up redundancy that protects data integrity, so parallel processing is, in many ways, Read More

September – Goodbye Old Friend

19th August 2015

By Tony Shepley, In the middle 1980’s, I’ll never forget having one of our salespeople mention being on a jobsite and watching a trim carpenter fashion a turned baluster out of square stock, using a work table, vise, and a drill. He had apparently turned the baluster with this home made hand lathe set up Read More

July 2015 – 30 Years

18th June 2015

By Tony Shepley, What do wood, window installation, and the Internet all have in common? Glad you asked! Several things as a matter of fact, but most importantly, they’re not the same as they used to be. Next time someone tells you “I’ve been doing it this way for 30 years”, you can bet it Read More

June 2015 – The Mayonnaise Jar and the Beer

22nd May 2015

By Tony Shepley, Sometimes we have to remind ourselves of the very basic elements that are really important and we have to keep ourselves from getting sidetracked by the things that aren’t. This is a piece we have published before but is definitely one that deserves re-reading from time to time. Please enjoy it. When Read More

May 2015 – How Soon We Forget

23rd April 2015

By Tony Shepley, Mother Nature must have wanted us to be happy, because she gave us the ability to remember things the way we wished they’d happened and if that doesn’t work, she also made us pretty good at forgetting them all together. This explains the old adage “Time heals all”, because given enough time, Read More

April 2015 – An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure

30th March 2015

By Tony Shepley The proverb “Well begun is half done” was actually referred to as a proverb by Aristotle, who died 322 B.C., so it was a well-known saying even before his time.  As we all know, the effects of an error or omission multiply through the job, so a job well begun has much Read More

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