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Preventing Cyber Security

What are the hazards associated with cyber security? If we are not careful with our personal information or company information, we may be subject to hacking or internet thieves.

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Baldwin Estates Pre-Configured Knob & Lever Sets

Did you know that Baldwin now offers over 50 Styles of interior offerings in their premium Estates category in certain finishes? This impressive top-of-the-line portfolio includes infinite possibilities, elegant finishes and exclusive, custom styles.

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Lumber Market Report - November 2022

A lackluster pace was prevalent throughout the market in October as sales continued to sag, spurring mills and traders to work in earnest to sell their inventory and hasten a reversal of the market.

“To his dog, every man is Napoleon, hence the constant popularity of dogs.”

Aldous Huxley
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There’s No Way to Ride a Trojan Horse

My son asked me recently if the world was a better place in the 1970s. I remember music fondly, we can’t forget that it was the era of polyester suits, strange hair, gas shortages, 55mph speed limits, and also a world without personal computers.

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Add Stability and Strength with Engineered Wood

Several years ago we began supplying engineered studs and stair stringer stock for those times when the added stability and strength of engineered wood was needed. Perfectly straight walls and stair stringers are much easier with LVL or LSL studs.

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Workplace Stress

Job stress can lead to poor health and even injury. Job stress is the physical and emotional harm that occurs when the demands of the work do not match the worker’s abilities or the available resources.